What to do if there’s a fire in your home or work place

Being prepared for what to do if there’s a fire could potentially save your life and the lives of others. It may not be something you think about very often, or you may think you’ll never encounter a house fire so you don’t feel the need to have a plan in place. Structural fires are now burning hotter than ever before. This is due to a variety of factors including household building materials and synthetic materials of furniture inside your home that tend to be very flammable.

It is very important that you not only have a plan for what to do if there’s a fire, but that you make sure your children understand the plan and know exactly what to do. Children will often run and hide in a closet or bathroom when they feel that they’re in danger, and that’s not what you would want them to do if a fire does occur.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure you are prepared if a fire occurs in your home:

  1. Stay Low – In a house fire you need to stay as close to the ground as possible. Heat and smoke will rise, so you have the best chance of avoiding smoke inhalation and burns if you stay low.
  2. Find a Wall – If the house or building is dark due to electricity going out and you’re not able to find your way, do your best to find a wall to follow. A wall will eventually lead to a door or window. What To Do If There's A Fire
  3. Check the Door – When you come to a door check it with the back of your hand. This should tell you if there is a fire on the other side, and will let you know if it’s safe for you to open the door or not. Even if the door feels cool, be cautious and open it slowly as there could still be a fire on the other side.
  4. Find a Window – If there is no way to get outside, find a room with a window. If the fire department is there, they may be able to help you out with a ladder. If not, you may have to consider jumping – this could be a better option than staying in the house.
  5. Have a Meeting Place – Decide on a meeting place outside and make sure the whole family knows where it is. This is where everyone should go once they escape from the house. At your workplace this is also a procedure that needs to be followed for everyone’s safety.

Here are some other tips to remember when dealing with a fire in your home or work place:

  • Forget about valuables – You may be tempted to try and grab important documents or valuables, but it’s more important to get yourself out of the building.
  • Don’t try and extinguish a large fire yourself – Call the fire department! Trying to put it out on your own will likely do more harm than good, and could put you in grave danger.
  • Close doors – If the fire is contained to one room, close the door to that room as this will cut off some of the oxygen to the fire (fire needs oxygen to survive).

It’s also a good idea to pay a visit to your local fire department, and get some basic information on fire safety, so you and your family and work colleagues can be as prepared as possible.

Another good idea is to have smoke alarms installed throughout your home or office. This will alert you to the presence of a fire, and may just save your life. Call JVK Electrical today on 0410 689 029 and find out about the installation or maintenance of your home fire safety system.

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