Smoke Alarms – Be fire safe!

It’s a sad fact of life that we’re never too far away from hearing of a tragic death at the hands of a house fire. Even more tragic is the truth of the matter, that many of these deaths could have been prevented if smoke alarms were installed in the homes these fires ravaged and destroyed.

Faulty wiring, cigarette smouldering, pan fire – the list of causes of a house fire can be lengthy and even endless, however the simple fact remains – installing smoke alarms in your house could potentially save the lives of yourself and your family.

Let’s look at the evidence …

It has been reported that in the US, almost half of all fires occur in homes that are not fitted with a smoke alarms, so of course, over 60% of fire-related deaths occur in these homes.

Fires don’t only produce smoke, they also produce odourless gases, so you can’t rely on your sense of smell and awareness to wake you up when a fire occurs, and instead, you need to put your faith in the hands of technology. After all a deSmoke Alarmsep sleeper could sleep through an earthquake!

We shouldn’t really have to have the conversation of why you should install a smoke alarms in your home, surely it’s a no brainer, but in case you needed further persuasion –

  • Smoke alarms are cheap and are sometimes provided by councils, free of charge;
  • They are very cheap to run, usually running from replaceable batteries, which last a good length of time;
  • The best and most important reason of all – they save lives!

About smoke alarms

Basically there are two types of smoke alarms – ionisation and photoelectric. The most commonly used are ionisation, because they’re cheaper to install and run. These types detect fast, flaming fires, so basically the kind that are immediately serious, with a need to evacuate urgently. Photoelectric detect even the slight cooking smoke, so are much more sensitive.

It is recommended that you should have smoke alarms on each floor and usually outside a sleeping area, for obvious reasons.

Always make sure you regularly check your alarm is working by pressing the test button. If it doesn’t work, change the batteries and try again, after that, still nothing? Time to replace it! It’s also important to clean them regularly, to get rid of dust clogging particles, which could cause the alarm to cease working.

A final few words …

Installing smoke alarms in your home has no downsides, just a world of benefits. At a low cost and easy to maintain, you would have to be crazy to turn down the option of having smoke alarms installed.

Look into any initiatives that may be available in your area with regards to low cost or free installation.

It’s simply a case of staying safe. Life is precious – protect it!

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