Reverse Cycle Air Con Gold Coast – Beat The Heat

Let JVK Electrical help you keep your home at the perfect temperature with reverse cycle air con Gold Coast. These days there are many single unit and split system reverse cycle air conditioning options available on the market. JVK Electrical specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of all the best brands of reverse cycle heating and air conditioning units.

Provide your family with home comfort all year round with a reverse cycle air conditioning system that ensures you stay cool throughout the scorching hot summers, and cosy in those frosty winter months. Reverse cycle air con Gold Coast makes living in coastal areas perfect, as you’re always prepared for those sudden changes in temperature. Those hot northerly winds that make their way to South East Queensland over the summer months, or those chilling southerly changes that sweep up the coast during winter. These fantastic 2 in 1 systems save you from buying heaters in the winter and air conditioning in the summer as they do it all.

Reverse Cycle Air Con Gold Coast

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems operate as an air purification system. This can help make life easier by reducing or eliminating many of the allergy causing particles found in the air. Also, timers on reverse cycle air conditioners can eliminate waking up to a cold house in the winter or coming home to a sweltering one in the summer. You can set your timers so that your new reverse cycle air con switches on at just the right time to have your home or office just the way you like it. We are in the 21st century after all so why not enjoy a little luxury.  These systems come in many sizes and configurations, so you can be sure that we’ll be able to install the perfect system for your home or office needs.

A reverse cycle air conditioner can also provide up to 2.5 x the heat output of an electric heater, for exactly the same running costs. Modern reverse cycle air con units are extremely efficient, making life easier on both your budget and the planet. On top of that having an efficient reverse cycle air conditioning system also helps protect the environment reducing your household’s greenhouse gas emissions.

During the winter time, all the benefits that we’ve just mentioned can be carried across as these fantastic units double to fill your air conditioning needs. Where else can you get such a great 2 in 1 bargain? With electricity prices sky rocketing, why give away more to the big energy companies than absolutely necessary. Call JVK today on 0410 689 029 to get your new reverse cycle air conditioning system installed!

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