An Overview of Organic Solar Cells Technology

The studies related to organic solar cells have increased due to their advantages over conventional solar cells. Organic solar cells have little environmental impact, an easy manufacturing process and they’re easily attached to flexible materials such as clothing, laptops, cups and mobile phones.

What is an organic solar cell?

An organic solar cell is a type of polymer solar cell that uses organic electronics, a branch of electronics that deals with conductive organic polymers or small organic molecules, for light absorption and charge transport to produce electricity from sunlight by the photovoltaic effect.

What technologies are used?Organic Solar Cells

For the production of electricity (the photovoltaic effect), transparent solar cells operate using the mechanism similar to common solar panels. The transparent cells are different from crystalline and thin film panels, as they only absorb non visible light such as ultraviolet or infra red. Organic solar cells are also very flexible being made from silicon, and have the efficient manufacturing methods to produce huge economies of scale.

Lots of designs as well as materials are used for making transparent photovoltaic cells. The main focus of organic solar cell technology is to ensure that no visible light rays are absorbed. Composite, plastic and some other exotic materials are used to do this. This means that the cells produce electricity from infrared lighting which makes it very reliable in dark conditions. However, the materials are a bit unstable and require improvement for an extended cell life.

What are the applications?

As glass is used everywhere around us, the transparent photovoltaic material is used in all applications for the production of reliable and clean electricity. A great feature of its usage is that you no longer have to pay for high installation costs. For instance, when new window fittings of a new or existing building are required, the transparent organic solar cells will replace the glass panels easily for a very economical rate, without the installation cost of an existing solar system. This makes solar glass an easy and cheap option for businesses, helping them to reduce their costs of electricity consumption.

The wide range of portable electronic gadgets which we carry everywhere, are the next in line to benefit from this technology. Mobile phones and batteries of our favorite gadgets run out pretty quickly, but if we started recharging our devices partially through transparent solar displays, we can not only prolong battery life, but can also reduce electricity consumption. Designs are already planned and decisions have been made on where the solar cells would be implied on mobile phone screens, so that there’s no hindrance for the users to keep using their phones as touch screens. This will take time to become common in the average household, but in time, organic solar cells will be well known throughout the world.

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