The incredible future of renewable energy

As most people know, the rate of fossil fuel usage across the world has increased exponentially in the last 200 years. Most experts agree that at the rate we’re going, we are going to run out of this energy source and will be forced to rely on something else to power our lives. What will that “something else” be exactly? No one can know for sure which venture will pan out, but we’re going to list a few of the options, from harnessing wind energy to electricity to scifi-esque inventions.

Does the future of renewable energy lie in electricity?Future Of Renewable Energy

For many people, this is the most likely scenario. We already have smart and hybrid cars that run solely or at least partially on electricity. The main restraint to these vehicles is that a car that relies solely on electricity either doesn’t have a lot of power or can’t go very long without being recharged. To combat this problem, Ford is toying with the idea to put solar panels on the roof of their hybrid cars to funnel the sun’s energy into recharging the car’s electric battery. This is a great idea, with a few notable drawbacks. Night time driving may not be as productive as driving during the day, though leaving your car exposed to sunlight while it is parked may “store up” enough energy to last through the night. Solar panels are also a relatively expensive technology and would cause the price of the car to soar. If Ford can make the panels more useful than they are expensive, this might be a viable option for the future of renewable energy.

Is the future of renewable energy tied to improvements in the wind energy business?

A slightly more unique renewable energy idea is to have flying wind farms. These farms would consist of groups of two balloons hoisted in the air. These balloons would spin in opposite directions and create energy that would be carried back to the ground through a large tube. This idea has certain advantages, such as wind speeds are much higher the farther into the sky you get, and wind predictability is much more stable. It’s predicted that flying wind farms could produce 8 to 22 times the energy as conventional wind farms. The challenges with this idea are that these wind farms need at least a 2 mile radius away from anything else, including buildings and airplanes, to not disrupt their process. To solve this issue, it has been suggested to put the balloons out over open water, but that brings up the issue of how expensive it would be to transport the balloons and the energy back to the ground.

Is the future of renewable energy more farfetched than something we currently have?

One theory is that we can manipulate plant’s proteins to more efficiently produce biofuel. Biofuel is energy drawn fats and other materials that are produced by plants. It is generally considered a renewable energy source because trees and plants can always be regrown, whereas fossil fuel cannot be remade. There is a new method being discussed to redesign the way a plant reproduces itself. If we can control the way certain proteins reproduce, we can force them to reproduce only the materials needed to make biofuel. If this breakthrough happens, it may transform biofuel production into a viable renewable energy source.

Finding a reliable renewable energy source is a main concern of our generation. If we continue to draw from the same fossil resources, without considering their dwindling quantity, we will fall behind in research to create an energy source for future generations.

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