Importance Of Regular Electrical Safety Inspections At Your Home

Owning a home is a big responsibility, this is something that no one would argue with. When a home is first purchased, the buyer often gets an electrical safety inspection to ensure that they are getting a home that is going to be safe for their family. Yet, most people don’t think about having their home inspected again after they are living in it. This is a huge oversight on the home owner’s behalf, as having a routine electrical safety inspection performed can prevent accidents that could devastate a family.

The main reason why an electrical safety inspection is recommended for homes is to ensure that any safety hazards are found and fixed right away. Most commonly house fires are from electrical wiring. Even if upon buying a home, the electrical wiring is fine, there are always things that can happen which affect the integrity of the wiring. Even something as small as a mouse getting into the home and chewing through these wires can increase the chances of house fires.

Along with a house fire, there are other dangers that can be lurking when the electrical components of a home is not in order. For example, sprinkler systems that are in place can increase the risk of electrocution if these are not properly aligned with the electrical wires. This is a case that happens much too often, leading to severe burns and even death.

Electrical Safety Inspection | Why They Are Important

It is recommended that you have an electrical safety inspection at your home at least every two to three years. If you are having work done to the home, even if this does not involve the electricity, it’s always a wise idea to have an electrical safety inspection completed before commencing with work. The key to this is to ensure that you get a professional who’s going to be very detailed in what they’re doing. Having an inspector who merely glances at the electrical wiring may miss the small issues.

Electricity is something that can cause severe damage to those who are involved when it malfunctions. For example, a burnt out wire can mean sparks causing a small electrocution to the person who is plugging something in. Also, living in a home that has intense wiring issues could result in death if the home were to catch fire while the members of the family still inside and not aware of this happening. Too many occurrences have happened, but can be prevented with the proper precautions in place. The first being to ensure an electrical safety inspection is a routine maintenance performed at your home, just as winterizing your home, spring cleaning or even mowing the yard.

Your home’s where you live with loved ones, this is where making memories happen. You wouldn’t drive a car without having it serviced regularly would you? So there’s no reason not to get your home inspected regularly also.

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