The Effect of the Sun on Earth’s Climate

The effect of the Sun on the Earth’s climate is profound. The sun is by far the largest energy source for the Earth, and as such it drives virtually all of this planet’s biological and physical processes, including the atmospheric effect of warming the air that creates the Earth’s weather.

Combined over years, decades and centuries, the daily Earth weather is what is known over time as its climate. The amount of solar radiation that hits the Earth’s atmosphere is huge.  “The light that reaches the top of the Earth’s atmosphere provides 2,500 times as much energy as the total of all other sources combined”, says Greg Kopp, a Solar Physicist at the University of Colorado.

All of this solar radiation interacts with Earth’s atmosphere in a host of complex ways to create weather and eventually climate. Fortunately for the people on Earth, the amount of radiation emitted by the sun is fairly stable.  Many stars pulsate radically, changing the amount of emitted radiation by hundreds of percent.  If such radical changes were to happen with the sun, life on Earth would be unsustainable.Earth’s Climate

Lucky for us the sun is very stable.  It goes through an 11 year solar cycle during which the amount of radiation it emits changes by only 0.1 percent.  This constant level of solar energy is what has allowed for the development, over eons, of Earth’s relatively stable climate, a climate stable enough for the development of the human race and all of the other living things that inhabit our planet. However, when viewed in terms of the sheer quantity of energy that gets to Earth, a shift of 0.1 percent can be a huge change in solar radiation levels. It’s theorized that a drop in radiation levels of just .25 percent would cause the glaciers to expand and famine throughout the world.

It’s interesting to note the change in terminology from global warming to climate change as the previous solar cycle ended. There are many arguments for both sides, some saying that everything that happens on Earth is caused by humans, and others who look to other factors including the effect of the sun. It’s clear from much extended research that the most powerful object in our solar system does in fact have an effect on Earth’s climate.

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