Staying cool in summer with air conditioning – Beat the heat

There is nothing worse than trying to sleep in the stifling heat, don’t you agree? You can’t breathe, you get a stuffy nose, you can’t get comfortable, you get a headache – you simply don’t really enjoy your well-earned rest, and wake up the next morning feeling more tired than before you went to bed!

You can flip that on its head and turn it to day time too, when the heat is at its worst, and you ladies will no doubt know about trying to do your hair and make-up in heat and humidity!

The best solution to all of this is to get some cool air circulating around the room, and the best option for this is air conditioning.

Air ConditioningIf you’re not aware, basically air conditioning is a way of providing cooler air to a room, or rooms. This is through altering the temperature or humidity of the air, reducing it to more comfortable levels, and is always used indoors, for obvious reasons. To get the best out of your air conditioning, close the doors to the room you’re trying to cool down and its effects will take hold much faster.

Quite often used on transportation, such as buses, trains, and planes, air conditioning can be costly to install initially but once it’s in, the benefits outweigh the outlay cost by far. Some people don’t respond too well to air conditioning when exposed to it for long periods of time, e.g. on a long-haul flight, or sleeping with it on all night in a hotel room, which can get you a little nasal or chesty. But if you can limit the amount of time you spend in the cooler air then the effects shouldn’t be too troublesome, and you can take advantage of the much cooler air in short blasts of time!

A fan will do a good job to a degree, but after a while, if the temperature is high enough, it will only begin to circulate hot air, which will do nothing to lowering your own temperature!

Whether it’s part of your home cooling system during the hot summer months, or an offer at the hotel reception when you head off to warmer climates, air conditioning is without a doubt the best way to stay cool.

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