Tips on Using Your Air Conditioning More Efficiently

A guide to air conditioning to save money and run your unit more efficiently

How to set the thermostat: For optimal cooling and savings, set your thermostat to 25 degrees or higher, using alternative cooling methods to assist if this still feels warm. Additionally, if you’ve left your air conditioning unit off all day, and then turn it on for the first time in the evening, run it at the current room temperature before gradually decreasing. This will prevent excessive cooling and ensure the most efficient use of your system. Furthermore, make sure you’re using the “auto” mode on the thermostat for your central air, if this is what you use. Don’t use the “fan” setting 24/7 because this is the internal cooling system for the unit. Floor fans work just as well—and they’re much more energy efficient!

Purchase an energy efficient model: If your air conditioner is old or you’re looking to install a new one, consider the energy efficient models on the market. Every air conditioning unit has an energy rating printed on it—the higher the number, the more efficient it is. Energy-saving room air conditioners are 10% more efficient than their counterparts, while the central air conditioning unit equivalent is about 14% more efficient than standard models. If your unit is ten years old or more, an Energy Star-approved model could be up to 30% more efficient than what it’s replacing.

Purchase tip: Remember: a bigger air conditioning unit, whether central or split system, doesn’t mean cooler. A room air conditioner that’s too big will actually cool less effectively than its properly-sized counterpart. This is because a larger unit will reach the thermostat setting faster, before proper de-humidification can take place. Such an effect can result in a clammy or muggy feeling that is definitely not associated with feeling cooler.

When to run the AC: Running the air conditioning all day when you’re away will definitely eat up more energy and more money from your wallet. A constantly running air conditioning unit will have to keep removing the heat. It’s much more efficient to leave it off while you’re not at home and then turn it on when you return.  The heat can only reach a certain point before it will stop getting hotter; whereas constantly cooling the room with AC keeps removing the heat so that it can get hot again!

Tips and tricks for your air conditioning:

  • Remember to clean or replace your air conditioning’s filter regularly.  Dirty filters cause your unit to run inefficiently, which uses more energy.
  • Investing in curtains or tacking a blanket over the most sun adjacent windows will block out the heat and keep the interior cooler, decreasing your dependence on the air conditioning unit.
  • Use ceiling fans or floor fans to help circulate cool air and push warm air away; especially useful when your thermostat is set high.
  • Make sure the ceiling is properly insulated and there are no leaks or cracks in walls or doors. If there are, you can go to your nearest home improvement store to advise them of your problem, or call a professional.
  • Ask us about checking for leaks on your central air conditioning ducts. Leaky ducts can cause an average of 27% loss of energy.

For more information on air conditioning, visit our air conditioning page or contact us on 0410 689 029 for an obligation free quote.

Air Conditioning More Efficiently

Using Your Air Conditioning More Efficiently | JVK Electrical

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