The advantages of LED lighting for you and the environment

Light up your life!

I’m sure you’ve heard of LED lighting, it’s one of the new buzz words on the block. LED is a new form of light bulb basically, which stands for Light Emitting Diodes. All very scientific I’m sure, but basically LED lighting is not only lighting up many of our living rooms these days, but also the environment in a great way.

There are many advantages of LED lighting, if you’re not sure what all the fuss is about, then read on and see if you should be switching your variety of light sources!Advantages Of LED Lighting

Save cash

One of the main advantages of LED lighting is that it saves money over time. How? Well, basically the bulbs last infinitely longer than conventional lightbulbs, and you probably won’t have to change your LED bulb for many years. On average it is quoted that a standard LED bulb can last for up to 11 years – think how many times you’d change your regular bulb during that time and the amount of cash that could save you. Obviously this figure varies depending on usage, but there’s no denying that LED bulbs have serious lasting power.

Save the planet

Another of the major advantages of LED lighting is that the planet will thank you for switching. LED bulbs are totally chemical free, whereas conventional bulbs sometimes contain chemicals which affect the environment. Add to this the fact that LED bulbs are totally recyclable, which is a major benefit when it comes to being green friendly. LED also produce almost no UV emissions, which is great for the planet again, but also good if you’re using the lighting near sensitive materials.

Seriously efficient lighting

LED bulbs don’t burn out, instead they slowly give out lower levels and become slightly duller, which is when you know you’re coming to the end of your bulb’s very long life. LED bulbs are said to be highly energy efficient, which means that most of the power from the bulb is actually given out as light, compared to conventional bulbs which again come out at a much lower level.

Does switching to LED lighting sound like a lightbulb moment of brilliance to you? There are certainly many advantages of LED lighting which should be pointing you in this direction, not least the fact that you will save money over time if you ditch the old fashioned method and get with modern times.

LEDs are certainly the smarter way to light up your life, and they are instantly bright too, which dispels the myth that they take longer to power up. Saving money, saving the planet, and high efficiency levels are the main issues driving forward this new trend, and it looks to be one that’s going to stick around for a good few years.

Goodbye old lightbulbs? Hello LED!

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